All about our Healthy Eggs & Happy Hens!

Our Hens are BV 380 (crossbreed of Rhode Island Red). A chocolate brown feathered bird most suitable for tropical region & backyard chicken farms.

Our Eggs are pasture raised free range eggs with pale to dark brown color eggshells. All Serene Farms free-range eggs come from happy, healthy free-range hens that are raised in a beautiful, wide-open, green, grassy pasture. On all our Free-Range farms, kindness and love come first! our hens are out roosting under beautiful blue skies, scratching into green grass, dust bathing by a tall tree, access to perching, private & clean nest boxes and so much more.

The quality of the eggs is mainly influenced by the Diet, farming method & Management. The breed adds to a little extent! Contributing to the shell color and the size! 

What makes “Serene Farms free range eggs” of a highest quality egg?

  1. Diet:

a. We source highest quality balanced feed rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals
b. Supplement our hens with protein rich vegetation – Azolla, Moringa etc.,
c. Our Hens are free for scavenging in the green pasture! They are free to peck and eat what they like! (Wildflowers, insects & grits for better digestion)
d. Our hens get 6 to 8 hours natural sunlight! Great source of vitamin D, which increases the Vitamin D3 content of the egg yolk by 3X!

  1. Farming Method:

a. We follow “Free Range “no cages! Our birds are free to roam in green pasture and, we have a place for them to “dust bath” which keeps them clean & and free them from parasites
b. Never given antibiotics or added hormones ever!
c. Humanely Raised & gentle handling to limit stress

  1. Management:

a. We take Biosecurity seriously! to safeguard our hens and care takers from any influenza.
b. All our caretakers must wear mask, gloves & foot disinfectant footbath when they enter the barns to feed or collect eggs.
c. We spread saw dust periodically for bedding which keeps the litter dry & avoid any formation of ammonia which maintain the highest hygiene in our barns
d. We work with our advisors to implement the best practices and constantly evaluate the nutrition requirement for our hens.

Our farms have high standards! We strive to produce the best quality eggs near you.
Try Local, Local Tastes better!

Discover why we are the trusted source of high-quality eggs for your family. Please visit and Pre-Order the nutritious free-range eggs today!

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