The Future is Free-Range

Now in Bengaluru!

Bringing Free Range and more nutrient eggs to your family

What we deliver

When you join us, you’re joining a community focused on environment, caring animals, clean food, improving livelihoods for farmers, and sharing better meals together

High-Quality Eggs

Green Pasture, High quality feed, No antibiotics ever and humanely raised

Unbeatable Value

Get a free range egg with 2x Omega, 3x Vitamin A&E & 7x Beta Carotene, at an amazing value

Complete Flexibility

We deliver to your door on a regular schedule, and you can cancel anytime


We make it easy to feed your family the best.

1 We Produce

We produce our farm products with the highest standards for quality

2 You choose

Choose from 4 different boxes. Select a delivery frequency that meets your needs.

3 We deliver

Your order ships to your doorstep in a recycle –box that keeps the eggs fresh

4 You enjoy!

High-quality eggs delivered to your door means more time for amazing meals together

Explore the possibilities

Explore the possibilities

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