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We produce eggs in our own farm and our philosophy is to do the right things – never cutting corners, and always looking for ways to improve. Discover why we’re the trusted source of high-quality eggs for your family.


Free-Range Eggs

Rich in Protein

Builds Immunity


Low Cholesterol

Difference Between Caged/Cage Free & Free-Range Eggs

Caged Eggs

Caged eggs come from hens who live their entire lives indoor, trapped in small cages. Typically, space smaller than a A4 size paper. This method of farming stops the hens from natural behavior, such as walking, flapping their wings, or wagging their tails.

Cage – Free Eggs

Cage-free eggs come from hens that can roam freely vertically and horizontally in indoor barns and have at least 1 square foot of floor space each. Cage Free farms typically have high hen density that restrict the hens from free movement within the barn and exhibit vicious habit of cannibalism due to stress.

Free Range Eggs

All Serene Farms free-range eggs come from happy, healthy free-range hens that are raised in a beautiful, wide-open, green, grassy pasture. On all our Free-Range farms, kindness and love come first! our hens are out roosting under beautiful blue skies, scratching into green grass, dust bathing by a tall tree, access to perching, private & clean nest boxes and so much more.

Why Serene Farms?

Our farms are nestled in the serene beauty of the foothills of the Western Ghats, lined with tall mountains accentuated with misty peaks and lavish green valleys. We take pride in ensuring freshness and quality at every step of our farming process. Each time you choose our free-range eggs, you’re ensuring that gold standard nutrition comes direct to your table. We are sure you’ll love the taste and feel the difference!

No Cages, Fresh green

Ample space and shelter,
in clean, well-ventilated

Gentle handling
to limit stress

Nutritious high quality feed supplemented with high protein herbs

Free access to fresh & pure spring water

we're better

Discover why we’re the trusted source of high-quality
farm produce for your family

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