Our story

Our Story

Many commercially produced foods are adulterated, unhygienic, and made using unscientific farm practices. Our Founders, having lived in the USA for many years with easy access to fresh and pure food, realized they could provide the same healthy and high-quality food at affordable prices to everyone in India.

Our mission is to become a part of your everyday kitchen staple by providing fresh, hygienic food, produced directly from our farms straight to your table. It is a radical idea and the road ahead is challenging, but we are dedicated to this mission because we believe in better. We strive to build a sustainable environment and produce better-quality  food for you and the next generation. Be a part of our journey with just a few clicks! www.serenefarms.in

Why Serene Farms

Our farms are nestled in the serene beauty of the foothills of the Western Ghats, lined with tall mountains  accentuated with misty peaks and lavish green valleys. We take pride in ensuring freshness and quality at every step of our farming process. Each time you choose our free-range eggs, you’re ensuring that gold standard nutrition comes direct to your table. We are sure you’ll love the taste and feel the difference!

Our Farms have High Standards

No Cages,
Fresh green pasture

Ample space and shelter, in clean, well-ventilated barns

Gentle handling
to limit stress

Nutritious high quality feed supplemented with high protein herbs

Free access to fresh & pure spring water

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